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Lil' Samurai


Lil' Samurai classes place an emphasis on martial arts drills and games that allow students to learn discipline, respect, coordination and cooperation in a fun and nurturing environment. 

Junior Kids


 Teach students a curriculum that emphasizes discipline, respect, and self-defense.  The techniques taught in these classes will improve coordination, balance, flexibility, physical fitness and overall life-skills that can transfer in all aspects of life.   



Our Teen Classes are geared to the abilities of these students and addresses their needs.  As the students progress through the ranks, and their skill level increases, they will become more confident and capable.  Our teens will improve their physical fitness, discipline, self-control and respect while learning practical, effective self-defense.



We believe everyone can benefit from the Martial Arts.  Gone are the days where injuries, age or disability prevented students from benefitting from Martial Arts. 



Our adult classes feature a blend of practical Martial Arts and physical fitness that allow our students to become skilled, relieve stress and improve their conditioning, all in a family friendly environment.  Students will learn a structured Martial Arts curriculum that has practical applications for every day life.

Schedule of Classes

Master Class Schedule 2-1-20 (pdf)


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