Jim L. Buhisan

Martial Arts Rank


10th Degree Black Belt (Quijano’s Okinawan Goju Kenkukai) 

8th Degree Black Belt (Jissen-kai Aiki-Jujutsu) 

8th Degree Black Belt (International Karate Connection Association) 

7th Degree Black Belt (International Tae Kwon Do under GM Art Amos) 

6th Degree Black Belt (World Federation Tae Kwon Do under GM Jack Amsell and Grandmaster Yun)  

4th Degree Black Belt (Ernie Reyes West Coast Tae Kwon Do)     

Hall of Fame Inductions


2017 USA Martial Arts (Hall of Heros) Hall of Fame 

2016 Argentina Hall of Fame 

2015 Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame      


Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts, as an organization, has been in existence since January 1992. However, Martial Arts Hall of Famer Grandmaster Jim L. Buhisan has a long history in the martial arts.   


GM Buhisan, began training in the martial arts in 1969 studying Kenpo/Kung-Fu with Jess and Joe Mora. He began teaching shortly thereafter and in 1973 was named Mora Bros. “Instructor of the Year.” That same year he started training in the style of Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Art Amos.     


GM Jim opened up his first karate school under the name of Jim L. Buhisan’s Kenpo/Kung-Fu in 1976. When looking back at time he humbly calls it the garage days.  


Always one to expand his martial arts knowledge, GM Buhisan began training under GM Ernie Reyes Sr. in 1977 and from 1979 to 1991; he traveled the world as a member of the famous Ernie Reyes Demonstration Team (A-team member). During that time GM Jim L. Buhisan owned and operated a West Coast Tae Kwon Do school in the San Jose area and served as Vice President of Research and Development for Ernie Reyes West Coast Tae Kwon Do from 1984 through 1991.     

In 1991, GM Buhisan made the decision to leave West Coast Tae Kwon Do and founded his own school and organization. In January 1992, with GM Ernie Reyes Sr. support, Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts was inaugurated at the organization's 1st Black Belt Test.    

GM Jim L. Buhisan has earned Black Belts in multiple systems and continues to study with some of the top martial artists in the country. Since 1989, he has studied Aikijujutsu, Goju-Ryu, and Muay Thai with GM Mike Quijano. GM Buhisan has also studied Doce Pares Escrima, Arnis, and Pangolisi with GM Ciriaco Canete since 1997. And, since 1998, he has studied Chinese Kenpo with GM Chuck Sullivan and GM Vic Leroux (IKCA). Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan was one of GM Ed Parker’s (American Kenpo Founder) top students.     

As a result of GM Jim’s extensive experience in the martial arts, the Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts curriculum incorporates both Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo as its primary martial arts styles and additionally, incorporates elements of Escrima, Akijujutsu, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as students move up in rank.    

Ramir Laus Mosqueda

Martial Arts Rank

7th Degree Black Belt (USA Martial Arts) 

5th Degree Black Belt (Mike Quijano “Goju-Ryu”)


NBL 4x World Sport Karate Champion 

NBL Overall World Sport Karate Champion  


ProAct (Professional Assault Crisis Trainer) Certified Instructor  

Bill Kipp “Stop Bullying Now” Certified Instructor 

MAAB Member (Martial Artist Against Bullying)  

MMA Strength and Conditioning Certified Instructor (Burn with Kearns)     


Master in Special Education (Santa Clara University) 

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (San Jose State)    


For as long as Ramir Mosqueda has known he always wanted to be a black belt in the Martial Arts. As a kid he was highly influenced by the martial arts movies of the 70s and 80s. As highly motivated Ramir was in wanting to be a martial artist, his first formal lessons were not as he expected. Ramir quickly stopped his training and did not train again until three years later. At age 12 a childhood friend began training with GM Jim Buhisan and invited Ramir to try out a class. Ramir gave martial arts a second chance and has been a martial artist ever since.     

GM Jim Buhisan created a healthy learning environment that fostered a feeling of support and family that inspired many of his students to reach their highest potential. Ramir Mosqueda feels he was one of those students who understood many of the lessons GM Jim made efforts to communicate to his students and credits a lot of his success to GM Jim’s teaching.      

After earning his first black belt rank in 1989 Ramir set a goal to become a World Karate Champion. In the early 1990s Ramir began to compete in the NBL, one of the premier tournament organizations of the time. In his years of competition under the NBL organization Ramir qualified to compete in the organization’s World Championships for 5 years straight. In his 5 years of competition Ramir Mosqueda became a 4x World Sport Karate Champion and a 1x Overall World Sport Karate Champion.      

Ramir Mosqueda retired from competing in 1986 and later became a karate school partner with Jim Buhisan. Today, Ramir is the Vice President of Buhisan's USA martial Arts and runs day-to-day operations. He feels the current role he plays in the martial arts is the most rewarding.  His goal and purpose as an instructor is to inspire his students to become the best version of them and help guide them to reach their highest potential and beyond. In his efforts to do so, Ramir Mosqueda, GM Jim Buhisan and other top professional martial artist throughout the nation have networked and collaborated to help create their current self-defense and life-skills curriculum at Buhisan's USA Martial Arts.