Code of Conduct

  Your Actions outside the school reflect its character and spirit as you are an ambassador of your school. Behave positively and honorably at all times, show respect for yourself and others, choose good manners and conduct yourself in a respectful fashion.

 Do not interfere with class in progress. Do not engage in horseplay on and off the training area. Keep your hands and feet off the walls and mirrors. 

 Unnecessary roughness, crude language, or display of ill-temper is forbidden. Always exercise self-control and never react in anger. 

 Prompt attendance is expected. Students must be dressed in clean, pressed uniform at beginning of class. 

 No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be on the training mat. 

 Practice humility. Recognize that you are a member of a group sharing common goals and interest that progress is always achieved as a part of a team.