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It is our HONOR, to teach you and/or your child, we know that your child is the most important person in your life!


  Grandmaster Jim Buhisan Started teaching martial arts in 1973 and in 1976 Opened his first school Buhisan's Kenpo/Kung-fu, then in 1998 Buhisan's (Ernie Reyes West Coast Tae Kwon Do), then in 1992 he established,  Buhisan’s USA Martial Art, with the goal of creating a fun, friendly, family learning environment. 

GM Jim Buhisan is a very well respected instructor in the martial arts community. He is World recognized 10 Degree Black Belt and holds black belt in multiple systems.  

He has produced World Famous Martial Arts, in Free-Sparring, Traditional Forms, Open Forms and Weapons.  He contributes their success to the studios healthy and supportive environment within the school.

GM Jim, believes that creating a Family environment and a World class curriculum, along with Life skills, bully proofing children and a philosophy that success is something that is developed through a (SUCCESS FORMULA) based teaching program and having a great attitude and surrounding yourself with great role-models and leaders.

Buhisan's USA Martial Arts is recognized around the World for producing high level Black Belts and good role-models, many going on to be amazing in there careers and eventually being amazing parents.

Please note:  

There are many martial arts schools that open and close, Grandmaster Jim, is a person who has been a success for over 4 decades, this is through the students and parents truly loving and appreciating our program.  We would be honored to teach you or your child, martial arts and  please take the time to at least try our FREE LESSON and experience what everyone is talking about, when it comes to teaching and developing more then just a Black Belt, but a person who is successful in many areas in their life.


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